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A collection of 5000 movie and gaming inspired NFT collectables dedicated to those out there who love storytelling and easter eggs.

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The Growing Collection

The NFT project with a twist. Our collection of 5,000 will be divided into 10 episodes, starring 10 different characters with 10 different art styles. 


Graff Grems are characters based in our own fictional world of Black Crest City.

How are the 10 characters related? Where will their journey take us?


Jump in and find out.

Our Talented Community

Meet our guests:




Multi-talented Storyteller, Actress

“Ngā kupu o taku pāpā, whakarongo ki tō whatu manawa…and that will guide you in whatever you do.”

Our Team

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Te Haunui Tuna, Artist

The world and art of Graff Grems comes from the mind of Te Haunui. He has been an artist his whole life and through the early teachings and influence of his father, grew to love many styles and genres of art. As a young man he was an avid gamer too, choosing to spend hours playing Nintendo 64 (when he was allowed). Throughout the years he has dabbled in many art disciplines, from drawing and painting, to air brushing, sculpting, graffiti and tattooing to name a few. The NFT space felt like the perfect place to combine all of the different loves and influences he's had in his life.



Art Generation

Tech Support