Our Community

The community Graff Grems aims to build is based on a passion and love for film, gaming and a significant thread which binds these two media together, which is storytelling. Some of the values that drive us are the same ones that we’ve seen in our favourite storytellers; authenticity like Hideo Kojima, generosity like Steven Spielberg, empathy like Cory Barlog.


Our 3 Core Values

We believe in cultivating a space for our online community, which is free of judgement, heavy on celebrating authenticity, and generous with what we know.


There are many ways to be generous and we believe one of the best things about the digital age we currently live in, is your generosity isn’t only limited to the people in your vacinity. We can help people almost anywhere in the world in a myriad of ways. One significant way of impacting others online is through the sharing of knowledge and expertise and we will continue to grow and lead with a spirit of generosity.


You’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times, but it’s true. Authenticity matters and you can’t find true passion and love for anything if you aren’t being authentic. We’ve seen it before; the one person dancing in the crowd like there’s no tomorrow, the person who wears their Star Wars shirt every day, the person who isn’t swayed by the crowd and is content with their own corner of society. To the people out there who live it, we tip our hats to you in admiration. Graff Grems is a project we hope serves and inspires your own authenticity.


Perhaps one of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of being human is our ability to empathise with others. Empathy doesn’t mean you have to agree with what someone else says, but you understand, through seeing things from their perspective, why they think the way they do. Empathy is how you see people the way they’d like to be seen.