Who is this project for?

In short, we're for nerds. If you're somebody who loves storytelling, film and gaming then this project is for you. We've purposefully narrowed our gaze and are focused on bringing as much value as we can to a community that means so much to us. At the heart of this project, we're trying to cultivate a community of like-minded, passionate individuals who have a space to express and flex their love for film and gaming. We're creating our own story with original characters and would love to have you join us along this journey as we carve out our own corner of the NFT space.

When is the next episode minting and where?

Date TBC. Minting will be done on our website.

How much is the mint price?

For the first and second episode, mint is 25ftm. We wanted to make the first two episodes affordable, as we knew the majority of our audience were new to the NFT space and we didn't want that to be a limiting factor. We've used these first two episodes as an opportunity to help onboard newbies and ease them into the often overwhelming world of NFTs.

How do I get a Graff Grem?

The best way to guarantee yourself a Graff Grem is to get on our glitch list (presale list). Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to keep up to date with our project.

How do I get on the glitch list?

By being helpful to others in our Discord and participating in our community challenges. We aren't for hype. We want to cultivate and reward generosity and participation.

Why the Fantom Blockchain?

Security and environmentally friendly:

Fantom is secured by Proof-of-Stake.  This prevents centralisation and uses less energy than other blockchains e.g, Bitcoin, Ethereum.

Technical talk

Total number of tokens: 5,000

Number of episodes: 10

Tokens released per episode: 500-2000

Number of drops: 4

Episode 1 mint price: 25ftm

Tokens withheld from project: 100 (giveaways, marketing and team)

Token type: ERC-721

Blockchain: Fantom

File hosting: IPFS

Episode 1 reveal type: Instant

Episode 2 reveal type: Hidden

How are the drops divided?

5000 nfts-3.png

What is the utility?

All Graff Grems holders will have access to a members only area on our website called 'Gateway', which will be built after we've sold out of our main Collection. This area will be dedicated to a mystery bandit hunt to do with film and gaming knowledge and reward those who fare well, with rare hand-drawn digital artwork and modifications for your NFT. Why are we hunting this bandit? stay up to date with our story to find out.


The utility will grow over time and respond appropriately as we see fit, to changes in the NFT space.


Can I buy Graff Grems on the secondary market?

Yes! You can find them here:

More questions?
Jump in our Discord and ask us anything!