Our Storyboard

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Setting the Scene - Phase 1

  • Launch Graff Grems discord

  • Release first 500/5000 NFTs as a learning stepping stone for the community who are new to NFTs

  • Start the Graff Grems community


Rising Action - Phase 2

  • Release 500/5000 NFTs as the last stepping stone for the community to learn how to purchase NFTs

  • Build our Graff Grems community

  • Educational resources

  • Culture building through community quizzes, games and challenges

  • AMA's with real world story tellers and creatives

  • Diversify team to provide more value and skills


Climax - Phase 3

  • Release 2000/5000 NFTs

  • Input from our community into the Graff Grems story and characters

  • Continue to grow our community

  • Reach out to appropriate people/companies for collaboration


Resolution - Phase 4

  • Release remaining 2000/5000 NFTs

  • Make donations to our chosen charities

  • NFT giveaways 

  • Celebrate with a virtual exhibition!


Wrap Party - Phase 5

  • Start building 'Gateway', a members only area of the website for Graff Grems holders, dedicated to a mystery bandit hunt. Who is this mystery bandit and why are we after them? You'll want to hang around to find out.

  • Rewards for success in the mystery bandit hunt include rare hand drawn digital artwork, accessories to customise your Graff Grem NFT.

  • The utility will grow over time and respond appropriately as we see fit, to changes in the NFT space.